Updated 12/06/10

It's been a month since the previous update, but the time has been put to good use.
What's new:
**all chars have had their background that shows up when performing a Fatal KO attack updated to resemble even more the original Arcade/PS2 version
**added missing sound effects when the announcer says Fatal KO
**the lifebar and the vital stars are now on top of the super_ko background and on top of fatal_ko background
**the number of helpers accepted has been increased, and now there's not going to be a problem with any char
**the number of sound channels in mugen.cfg has been increased
**Shin by konpeitou and Thouther by SAIKEI will now replace ahuron's Shin and Thouther
**i have added the missing elements to konpeitou's Shin and to ahuron's Rei and to Saikei's Thouther
**i have added custom enemy positions for Shin's Fatal KO technique to resemble the original version
**i have added custom enemy positions for Jagi's Say My Name attack to resemble the original version
**Juda's name&Dagarls icon issue has been fixed
**all random intros have been organized by teamside now: on teamside 1 will play random intro 1, on teamside 2 will play random intro 2; especially usefull for chars that have 2 intros and you want them to be accurate (and not seeing char 1 with random intro 2 playing at char 2 with random intro 1)
**the AI level for Kenshiro, Toki and Raoh has been lowered from 5/5 to 2/5


**Download chars**
=>Jagi by Ts
=>Juda by Nericya
=> Kenshiro by SAIKEI
=>Mamiya by Yu-Toharu
=>Mr. Heart by rei
=>Raoh ATL by Ataru
=>Rei by ahuron
=>Shin by konpeitou
=>Thouther by SAIKEI
=>Toki by Nericya
***Extra Char***
=>Kenshiro by Cameron
**Download lifebar and game over screen**
**Download fonts, plugins and sounds**
=>Font, plugins, sound
**Download stages**