Full game updated 01/21/2012

It's been way too long since my previous update...
What's new:
update 1/21/12
-fixed Mr.Heart's "iteyooo" gauge bar (well, kinda)
-fixed Mr.Heart's Fatal KO screen: now it won't repeat itself over and over when he wins while in Super ITEYO mode
-enhanced Mr.Heart's hitsparks
-added specific gethit anims for all hokuto chars while Hato-sama slams them to the wall; other chars will still have generic gethit anims (5012 i think)
-added a few missing sprites for YUDA_31 (for Komaku's branding)
-added and improved Thouther_31's phoenix sparks for his fatal ko (thanks to cyanide for helping me with the math equasion that got the sparks to expand)
-added a few missing sprites to Jagi's Fatal KO attack background
-changed renzo's screenpack in an attempt to recreate the original Arcade screenpack, i think it looks decent
-added the possibility to change the music from the original to the hokuto musou remix for every char - to do so, just open the char's def file and select the one you prefer.
-eliminated Mamiya's cheapness: she won't recover life over and over again, she won't stop losing life while she IS being hit
-added JUDA-(NERICYA) again in the roster mainly for Nericya's AI which was very good; and with that i've updated that Juda with new sprites, anims, sounds and effects
-theoretically, the game won't crash now in the arcade mode saying "error loading char.sff"

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