Toki and Juda updated

New backgrounds during the Fatal KO attack for both Toki-(Nericya) and Juda-(Nericya). And this time they look more like their original ones. And some lag removal from Toki during Sekkatskuo.


Download Toki-(Nericya)
Download Juda-(Nericya)

北斗の拳 ~審判の双蒼星 拳豪列伝~ - マミヤ arcade run part 2

Part 2 of the arcade run.
Fraps was acting up, so i had 2 enemies to face...
Anyway, back to the fighting part:
Stage 6: マミヤ vs サウザー
Stage 7: マミヤ vs トキ
Stage 8: マミヤ vs ケンシロウ
Stage 9: マミヤ vs ラオウ


TOKI-(NERICYA) updated

In today's update i have removed his old vital stars gauge and replaced it with the original gauge.
And i have fixed his vanishing stars effect. It won't show up in the top left corner anymore.


JUDA-(NERICYA) updated 11/09/10

One final update for Juda.
*Finally i have solved his name issue. Now it will be displayed next to Dagarl's icon for both p1 and p2 like in the original game.
*I have implemented the original vital stars gauge in him and replaced his old one.
*And i have solved the vanishing stars effect issue.



北斗の拳 ~審判の双蒼星 拳豪列伝~ - マミヤ arcade run

This is an arcade run of Hokuto no Ken: Shinpan no Sōsōsei Kengō Retsuden mugen version i did with Mamiya.
The following video covers the first 5 stages of the game.
Stage 1: マミヤ vs ハート様
Stage 2: マミヤ vs シン
Stage 3: マミヤ vs レイ
Stage 4: マミヤ vs ジャギ
Stage 5: マミヤ vs ユダ

Although Mamiya is a low tier fighter in this game, i find her attacks and combos quite entertaining.

Part 2 coming soon.


Updated 11/07/10

Today's update is mainly based on visual effects.
I've got my hands on a missing stun effect that shows up next to the joystick in state 5300.
And i have added it to all chars. I have also found better ground effects for the vanishing strike and other attacks that would mean sending the char across the stage.
At the same time, i have found the perfect Shin, made by an author named "konpeitou" (i say perfect until SAIKEI will release his Shin).
Aside these new effects, i have worked a little in the random intro area, and made them play properly.
Now, when P1 is on teamside=1 and P2 is on teamside=2 one random intro will be played, and when p1 is on teamside=2 and p2 is on teamside=1 the other random intro will play.
And one final thing updated: added "super_iteyoo aura" helper to Mr. HEART when he attempts to perform his Fatal KO.
I have edited all chars to recognize Shin by konpeitou.
And last, i gave konpeitou's Shin the star effects and made other small adjustments. Like the blood pool after a Fatal KO.

Download Jagi by Ts
Download Kenshiro_31
Download Mamiya
Download Mr. Heart
Download Raoh ATL
Download Rei
Download Shin by konpeitou
Download Thouther

Should these links become offline at any point, these chars are available on my SkyDrive


[STAGE] Hokuto Renkitouza updated

This stage wasn't coded with animations by it's author, and recently i have discovered that it had the necessary sprites in the *.sff file so i went on and added them. Enjoy.

Download Hokuto Renkitouza