Update 10/17/10

I still wasn't happy with the way things turned out with the full game, and i'm still working on improving the chars.

As such, i've edited Mamiya and made her gauges look better than before. I've changed her boost bar and aura bar grid with the original ones. More so, i have edited her special background for her Fatal KO attack, and her aura, and it's now very close to the original. The super_ko background now shows up every time. This is possible due to reducing the number of random explods implemented by Yu-Toharu with explods that have exact coordinates.

Download Mamiya

I have updated Kenshiro also. Gave him taunt speeches and the joystick that appears in the PS2 fighter when he stuns his opponents. And added him the original aura during Fatal KO attack.

Download Kenshiro  

Fixed Toki's aura and Fatal KO attack background, sign and sound. The same as for Mamiya. Reduced the number of random explods and added an exact number.

Download Toki

Thouther is updated too. I have added the ground effect for his stomp attack and changed his super background during his Fatal KO attack. Fixed his Kotou Kaiten palfx conflict with his Fatal KO attack background. The FKO background used to glow gold as Thouther, but now only Thouther will glow gold.


Download Thouther

I gave Raoh a new super background during his Fatal KO attack. And successfully eliminated the abundance of bright red in it.


Download Raoh

I did for him the same thing i did for Toki. Stabilized his FKO background and made his Fatal KO text display properly. 


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