Hokuto no Ken 1.0

Hokuto no Ken has reached the mugen 1.0 version, after 1 year of hard work with winmugen.


The screenpack is based on fleshdoom's one.

Updated 5/27/11
I've fixed Thouther's stage interaction bug. He will now perform his Fatal KO win pose just like he does in the original game: he will look at his master on his home stage, Pyramid, and he will walk and stomp on his enemy's body on regular stages.

Update 6/10/11

-added the original continue screen
-added the original intro
-added the original game over screen
-added some missing effects for thouther and his pyramid top drop attack
-fixed some minor bugs in Juda and Shin (effects-wise)

Char's authors:
Jagi, Toki by Ts
Kenshiro, Juda and Thouther by 31kei
Raoh by Ataru
Shin by konpeitou
Rei and Mr.Heart by rei
Kenoh by Ataru, FleshDoomDBL and lordmike
Mamiya by Yu-Toharu



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