Update 27/04/11

I present you today a brand new update. Following an idea a friend gave to me, this is a "light edition" if one can call it so.
What is new, since the last update, you ask?
We have 4 new AI's, in addition to the previous AI's. Added AI patches for Shin by konpeitou (monsun), Mamiya by Yu-Toharu (JJ), Jagi by Ts (Ts) and Toki by Ts (karuhumu).
Also, i have coded all of Juda's Nanto Yosohazan effects for all of the hokuto no ken chars, and left untouched the effect for non-hokuto universe effect that saikei coded originaly.
Also, i have added Juda's sprites for his Fatal KO cutscene with Rei, thanks to FleshDoomDBL.
While i was at it, i added Kenoh's intro missing effects.
You will notice that all the chars have now half the size they had on the previous update, that's because i removed all of the un-used sound files and all of the un-used sprites.
So, uhm, yeah, have fun with it. A new update will occour when 31kei will add his AI to JUDA_31 and THOUTHER_31.

*All the chars have been updated to withstand JUDA_31 (saikei's perfect juda) .


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