Hokuto No Ken Mugen Version Deluxe Edition

Before stating anything about this update, i must give full credit to my friend, FleshdoomDBL for it. This update is his 100%. Without his brilliant code we wouldn't have the win+perfect sprites, or this awesome screenpack, Juda's death cut-scene with Rei, or KENOH with Super Gosho Ha (aerial+ground), his revival cut-scene and the epic death scene for the game's ending.

Now, about this update:
-i've added the original continue screen to all chars
-i've added the original lifebar
-i've fixed Kenshiro, Thouther's and RAOH/KENOH's problem with WIN text and PERFECT text (they are ontop now)
-i've fixed Shin's suicide ko animation (the enemy will disappear when he jumps to his death)
-i've added the proper effects to Shin after his suicide ko: he gains 3 boost stocks, 2 aura bars, and all stars back the next round
-Kenoh has the same effects: after he recuparates, he gains 3 boost stocks, 2 aura bars, all life back and all stars back + muso tensei
-i've preset the AI for Kenshiro and KENOH at 2/5 and Toki's at 4/11

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  1. Hey for some reason I can't download the files?