Update 12/15/10

Hot stuff in today's update. I have added Juda's missing sprites for his Fatal KO scene with Rei thanks to Fleshdoom who found them and corrected the colors.
I have animated each char's aura bar while it has <1000 power.
I have patched Zohar's Toki to recognize the rest of the HnK roster and the roster to recognize Zohar's Toki.
All chars now have a changeanim to recreate their pose during Saikei's Thouther pyramid top drop attack.
Saikei's Kenshiro now has the original 9000,77 portrait.
I stopped using Nericya's Toki and switched to Zohar's which is superior in every single way: it has no slow downs during attacks or super moves, all the hit sounds are accurate and the AI is stronger. As part of the update, i have included in him: vanishing star effects, ground effects, taunt effect (+1 aura stock and +1 boost stock for the enemy) and other small things.

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patch for Thouther


  1. Hello, sir. I like this game in PS2 and I just download the June version of this game. and I totally got my ass kicked by the computer.

    I know this game should be a lot complicated than I think but is it really meant to be this hard in MUGEN version or is it because it is a beta version?

    neither way, good job on putting Hokuto musou remix in the Fatal KO moves.(although I hear it becuase I get hit by the fatal moves)

  2. It's tough, i admit it. But you can make it easier for Toki, Kenshiro and Raoh. These 3 chars give you the option to set how good the AI will play. For Kenshiro and Raoh open with notepad Config.txt and RaohAI.txt. And search for this:

    To make it easy, change trigger1=var(58):=5 with trigger1=var(58):=1.
    For Toki: open toki.cmd with notepad and search for this (with find text option) var(59) = 11 and change it to var(59) = 1

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  4. thanks for the reply mate. honestly I did read all your post in this blog and I know you mention we can change the AI diffculty for Raoh. But I thought I can leave it because usually I will give up at the final stage.(of cause that's why I got my ass kicked by Mr heart and shin)

    then I thought I can simply change the diffculty in the option. but it seems that doesn't work like that.

    Neither way, I will try what you said here and see if I can enjoy the game a little bit more.