Update 12/27/10

I wasn't entirely happy with the ending of the game, so i went the extra mile and made all the bars disappear when the match is over.
And i have made Thouther count the seconds when Kenshiro hits him with Zankai ken.
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KENOH by FleshdoomDBL


  1. Hello LordMike : )

    Thank you very much for providing all these characters and version of HNK, I was searching for Raoh, Kenshirou, Toki, Rei, Shin... to include them in a Mugen version I have, I have put for examp^le TOKI_S in the characters folder and edited the select.def file, I was able to get toki inside but it's definition is rather very low! This is the first time I am including characters to a mugen and I am seriously very late! (I was planning to create some original characters unfortunately I never had time to do it or to learn how to do it)
    So my question is: how to get a high definition on the mugen I am using?, I will look for the solution and, in the mean time, I thank you very much already for your efforts!
    Happy new year 2011! : )

  2. Hello Karim

    Before answering your question, we have to set some things straight. What version of mugen are you using? I am working with an older version, called winmugen. If you are using a newer version, such as 1.0+ (RC7, RC8 or whatever the number is at now) these chars will not look so good at first. To make them look better, you have to open their *.def files, and:
    - Set the version to 1.0. Example: "mugenversion = 1.0"

    - Add new localcoord parameter (This goes inside the [info] section) which determinates the character's real size (320x240 for low res chars, 640x480 for high resolution, etc.). This parameter will scale your whole character to 0.5 in both X and Y scale (INCLUDING the portrait used for the character select screen) if set to 640x480. Any other value, well... it's just simple maths (1280x960 would be FULL HD which would mean 0.25 in scaling). Example: "localcoord = 320,240" for a low resolution character.

    That's pretty much it. Winmugen works with hires chars, while mugen 1.0+ works with HD chars.

  3. Hey LordMike!
    Thank you very much for your detailed answer!

    I have Snk VS Capcom Ultimate Mugen version 2.0, I think it's a winmugen since I am using it on Windows XP, but I can't find the real Mugen version by exploring the files, and suddenly the .exe doesn't want to open because I opened one if the *.icon files and it created a bug (it will be gone once I restart the pc), next what I will do now is to download the original MUGEN from Elecbyte, and create my very own Mugen and download some popular tools to mess with, like the latest Fighter Factory, I always wanted to create 2D fighting characters, and I think its now or never even though I don't have back my graphic tablet yet, nor have enough time , I just hope I'll have the time to mess with all this : )

    I will explore all the specifications you were talking about. If I ever come up with an original HNK character, I will share it with you : )

    Thanks again and have a nice day!